Welcome to the Colorado Cancer Plan 2010-2015

In Colorado, cancer is the second leading cause of death. Colorado's rate of cancer is too high. Cancer prevention and control activities must remain a priority. The Colorado Cancer Coalition is pleased to present to you the Colorado Cancer Plan. The Colorado Cancer Plan is a critical document that guides our state in making decisions based on cancer prevention, control and care priorities.

Colorado's plan to alleviate the burden of cancer must involve many sectors of our society, including state government, local public health, nursing, medicine, researchers, religious groups, schools and local communities. No agency, profession, service group or foundation can solve this problem alone. Key partnerships are essential. This plan is intended to be a living breathing document, used by organizations both big and small. This plan should be a well-used and essential tool for communities to create, implement, and continue activities that will result in a reduction of cancer incidence and mortality throughout Colorado.


Colorado Cancer Plan objectives for reducing the cancer burden in Colorado are based on Colorado surveillance data , national objectives and issues unique to Colorado. Recommended strategies cover cancer mortality, health disparities, primary prevention, secondary prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, quality of life and surveillance.

Although the reasons for declining cancer rates are multifaceted, the efforts of the Colorado Cancer Coalition play an integral part. The Colorado Cancer Plan goals are to reduce cancer mortality and to influence selected behaviors that relate to cancer mortality. This new set of goals, objectives and strategies is intended as a framework for continued improvements through 2015. Goal setting was completed by consensus among the Colorado Cancer Coalition members working in taskforces and public comment from you.

The Colorado Cancer Coalition believes that defining these cancer goals, objectives and strategies will help to empower all of us in Colorado's fight against cancer. New additions to this iteration of the Colorado Cancer Plan include: a chapter dedicated to
Pediatric Cancer and enhancement of discussion of Genetics.

The primary purposes of the Colorado Cancer Plan are to:

  • Promote the collection and use of information about cancer.
  • Improve healthy behaviors.
  • Increase screening rates.
  • Improve access to the full spectrum of cancer diagnosis and care.
  • Reduce disparities to achieve health equity.
  • Improve the quality of life of cancer survivors.
  • Set targets to improve cancer prevention and control.
  • Support policies to facilitate these efforts.

Thank you for using the Colorado Cancer Plan and thank you for your interest, support and commitment to preventing and reducing the impact of cancer in Colorado.